Laval, October 8th, 2017 – Laval Mayoral candidate Jean-Claude Gobé denounces the mayor’s improvisation on the cancellation of certain measures to calm traffic in the City of Laval. “It is after spending millions of dollars to implement these measures of traffic calming that Marc Demers retreats in the face of the citizens’ discontent with the painted blue and white bands. It is a mess and several other measures should also be revised. “

“The blue and white strips have no significant effect on reducing the speed of automobiles, their only effect is to significantly reduce the value of homes on their way, in addition to increasing the burden on Laval’s taxpayers. Currently, it is more than $ 10 million engulfed in the very controversial appeasement measures,” adds Mr. Gobé.

Reminder: traffic calming measures were implemented by the Demers administration via a call for tender which led to the acceptance of a single tenderer.

Laval discontent: not just about blue and white lines

“I was able to witness in person the dissatisfaction of hundreds of citizens on the ground, going around the evening events organized by Marc Demers and David De Cotis. The fury of the citizens has even forced the premature ending of certain planned encounters, “reminds Jean-Claude Gobé.

“It is not only the blue and white bands that make the citizens angry, as some candidate for Mayor’s office claims. Marc Demers decided to deprive the citizens of parking near their home by installing bells of concrete, during nighttime and at great expense. I was the first to denounce it,” he added.

Laval residents are very unhappy with the installation of concrete bells, poles and lines that deprive them of their parking. “Is Marc Demers trying to replicate the Plateau Mont-Royal in Laval? What is the next step: General parking sPtickers to control the number of cars parked on the streets? ” concludes Jean-Claude Gobé.