Laval, December 1st 2016 – The leader of the official Opposition and of Action Laval, Jean-Claude Gobé, reacts to the agreement concluded between the Crown and the defense regarding the accusations against Gilles Vaillancourt, ex-mayor of Laval, and his guilty plea to most of them.

An agreement to avoid a trial and a cover-up of the facts

For Jean-Claude Gobé, this agreement on the guilty plea of the ex-mayor of Laval is to avoid a lawsuit, which consequently prevents the disclosure of the evidence and facts.
“ The citizens of Laval are short changed in this agreement, we remove all other lawsuits including the most severe, charges of gangsterism ! ”, said Jean-Claude Gobé, “ with a trial, we would have all the proofs, the sentence would be exemplary ! There was organized crime and gangsterism, and just one or two years of jail time is not enough, it’s unacceptable ! ”.

An “easy sentence”, according to Jean-Claude Gobé
According to the leader of the official Opposition, this agreement between the Crown and the defense is an “easy sentence” ; “ I am appalled ! Nine millions dollars and a six year jail sentence may seem huge. However, let’s not forget the magnitude of the fraud itself on the taxpayers over a period of almost 25 years, and that, Gilles Vaillancourt will be able to get out of jail on one-sixth of the sentence, in other words, a year later ! ”, he said, “ given the seriousness of the offence and that he can begin to come out of jail after just one year is totally unacceptable ! ”.

In reality, Laval residents will not be reimbursed
Furthermore, the leader of the official Opposition at Ville de Laval stresses that 8.5 million dollars, including the condominium worth one million dollars returned to Ville de Laval only “represents a small fraction of the real stolen amount hidden all over in tax havens”, and a big part of that money will be returned to the fisc in Québec and Ottawa. “By dropping all other lawsuits, absolving Gilles Vaillancourt of all the rest, the citizens of Laval will never see the color of their money”, added Jean-Claude Gobé.

In conclusion, Jean-Claude Gobé : “ Only an exemplary sentence should be imposed to allow for a clean break from the past, which is not the case with this agreement”, he added, “with this agreement, the residents of Laval will never see the color of their money and Gilles Vaillancourt will be walking down the streets of Laval in two years maximum”. “ The message being sent to society is that we can rob the citizens, disregard the laws and get away with it”, he concluded.