Laval, January 20th, 2017 – The leader of the official Opposition at Ville de Laval, Jean-Claude Gobé, asks the Quebec government to proceed with the proceedings of the REM project as it should : “The Réseau électrique métropolitain project must go forward whatever the opposition may be”, he said.

A vital project for the north shore
According to Jean-Claude Gobé, the Réseau électrique métropolitain project is vital for the north shore of Montreal : “it’s a metropolitan project with an overall perspective to relieve congestion” he added. The leader of the official Opposition recalls the importance of alternative transportation, independent of roads, describing the project as inevitable which must not suffer the same fate as the bridge of highway 25 or the East train which took a long time to be completed.

Tight timeframe which must be achieved
Not only is the leader of the official Opposition asking for the go ahead with the project but he also asks that the timeframe scheduled for 2020 be respected: “Many Laval residents do not have much choice for public transit and therefore get stuck for hours in traffic everyday” », he also added that with the REM project in place, “the entire north shore and specially Laval will be able to breathe”.

In conclusion, Jean-Claude Gobé recalls the necessity to have a vision of the future with the current projects : “Without a good sense and a vision of the future, Jean Drapeau would have completed the construction of the metro of Montreal, used by close to 1.26 million people daily! And he succeeded! I see the construction of the REM project being realized the same way. Less talking and more action ”!.