Laval, March 28th 2017 – The leader of the official Opposition at Ville de Laval and of Action Laval, Jean-Claude Gobé is asking the Demers administration to increase the allocated time for residents to analyze and consult the second draft of the development programs (Schéma d’aménagement) and to facilitate the access to the various mentioned documents.

The newly revised development programs are on the eve of their final adoption, yet the second version was made public in less than a month ago. Prior to their final adoption, Ville de Laval will hold an information session and two public consultation sessions for Laval residents, businesses, and organizations. For Jean-Claude Gobé, these three occasions are clearly not enough, considering the complexity of the document in question and the access difficulty to certain appended mentioned documents.

Accessibility to documents : allow the Laval residents to know all of the details

According to Jean-Claude Gobé, the major problem regarding the upcoming consultations is the difficulty in accessing certain appended complete documents as mentioned in the development programs, although it is indicated they are made available for all. “I find it deplorable that Laval residents or organizations have difficulty in accessing certain documents which are necessary for their analysis : how can Ville de Laval adopt a plan if the mentioned documents are not all easily available to the public, for example, on the website? ” said the leader of the official Opposition, “even at the official Opposition, we had difficulty in obtaining the documentation.”

As an example, Jean-Claude Gobé deplores that an expertise group composed of active mobility users did not have access to the outline plan for the cycling network : yet reported to have been adopted by Ville de Laval. After verification, the document only exists internally and is not available to the public ; other documents fall in the same category, described as adopted, but still behind closed doors either as draft forms or internal work documents at Ville de Laval.

The leader of Action Laval supports the requests of Le Conseil régional de l’environnement (CRE) de Laval

Furthermore, the leader of Action Laval, Jean-Claude Gobé, supports the requests from the chief executive of the CRE of Laval, Guy Garand, requesting an additional delay of 21 days between the information session and the closing date for submissions. “This additional delay will enable Laval residents and the interested groups to address the documentation that Ville de Laval must disclose to the public” he added, “this delay is current practice during public hearings at the Québec government.”

In conclusion, Jean-Claude Gobé is asking Marc Demers to provide the Laval residents, businesses, and the interested groups -the necessary time and documents for a detailed analysis of the latest version of the development program for the next public consultations. “We are entering the final stage of adoption of the Plan, this is not the time to rush its adoption on the eve of the upcoming important elections.”