Laval, August 11th , 2017 – Municipal councilor for Chomedey, Aglaia Revelakis, regrets the Mayor’s and City Council’s refusal to shed light on the procedures that led to the approval and granting of the building permit to Jadco for the 26-story high Equinoxe project located at 3030 Lévesque Ouest.

At the council meeting held on Aug. 8th , Aglaia Revelakis acceded to the request of a citizen, resident of the Maritime tower (neighboring the Equinox project), Mrs. Vivianne Monette, same request refused in its form by the mayor Of Laval, Marc Demers. She filed it and read it at the adjourned meeting on Friday morning.

The purpose of this proposal is to create a committee to clarify the approval and granting of building permits for towers which exceeds the maximum standards of height set out in the Interim Regulation and subsequently in the “Schéma d’aménagement”

At the request of Ms Monette, the councilor of Chomedey asked City Council to decide on this issue on the morning of her presentation. Due to lack of support from Marc Demers, his councilors and independent councilors, Mr. Trottier, Mr. Coupal, Mr. Anthian, Mr. Lecompte and Mr. St. Jean, the motion was defeated.

“I am going to work very hard for this committee to be created next month, I will table the proposal again. It is a shame that we have to wait and maybe it will be too late, but citizens deserve to know the whole truth, “said Aglaia Revelakis.

The building in question will be built as a dwelling place for the elderly while many testimonies, including those from Jadco representatives, will be used for persons aged 18 and over: no verification process has been set. The excuse Mayor Demers uses: “it respects the procedures and regulations”. It should also be borne in mind that the Équinoxe project located at 3030 Lévesque Ouest was accepted by the City, even though all of them knew the intentions of limiting the height of the buildings, “it would have been possible for the Executive Committee to block the project and the license at that time, referring to the intentions of the legislator, “Aglaia Revelakis said.

“Demers did not hesitate to stop Commodore’s project, even though it was already accepted by the Council,” said Chomedey’s counselor, “taxpayers are already paying, and will probably have to pay an invoice of $ 64 million dollars or even more. Why then does the mayor come to accept now what he did not tolerate previously? “.

For the leader of Action Laval, Jean-Claude Gobé, the Mayor’s disengagement is to blame: “We are witnessing a very eloquent demonstration by Marc Demers: he has delegated his powers to public administration which follow very rigid bureaucratic rules. Honestly, he is no longer the boss.

In support of her leader, Aglaia Revelakis recalls the experience of Jean-Claude Gobé, the same experience that led her to join him in 2013 and to represent under his banner: “I am convinced that the Equinox project would never have been approved under Gobé’s administration, we would never have allowed a project of this type to pass, ” concluded city councilor for the Official Opposition.