Laval, September 29th, 2017 – Action Laval leader Jean-Claude Gobé deplores the decision of the board of directors of the ARTM (of which Marc Demers is a member) to offer political candy on the back of Laval’s taxpayers. “Marc Demers has accepted that the taxpayers in Laval will pay the freeze that benefits Montreal and Longueuil”.

Reminder: Marc Demers, in June, was imposed the new financial framework of the ARTM without even having a reaction: Laval will have to pay a shortfall of $ 25M over three years. We were also able to read in the newspapers that he supported the increase in directors’ salaries (up to 47.0% for some) from the ARTM without even asking questions; for Jean-Claude Gobé, all this money should go back to Laval.

“Is the mayor there for figuration, or does he intend to fight for the interests of Laval?” Jean-Claude Gobé asks, “his duty is to serve your interest: is offering the metropolitan region a gift part of his role as mayor of Laval? The new ARTM financial framework is unfair to us, and I will fix it as soon as elected mayor of Laval. I will put Laval back on the map and end this masquerade.”

Further feasibility studies on the extension of the orange line, again

“The extension of the orange line was already announced back in 2007, we are already 10 years from this announcement. If Mr. Demers believes that he can win the confidence of Laval citizens by recycling the old ads of 2007, I think he is wrong. The citizens will question him on his record and will see that the answer is very thin: plans, studies but few concrete actions, “said Jean-Claude Gobé.

In conclusion, Jean-Claude Gobé committed to create an additional bus line while waiting for the metro extension to complete from the orange line to Côte-Vertu station in Ville Saint-Laurent: “I am offering proximity services to the people of Chomedey, no studies or plans, the extension of the metro depends on many external components, ont only at the municipal level. In short term, people need functional public transport, that’s what I’m going to offer. ”