Rejection of Aglaia Revelakis’ amendment for an inclusive proclamation positioning Ville de Laval against domestic violence

Laval, April 6th, 2017 – The leader of the official Opposition at Ville de Laval and of Action Laval, Jean-Claude Gobé, and the municipal councilor for Chomedey, Aglaia Revelakis both denounce the half-truths from Marc Demers and Sandra Desmeules and their refusal to include all of the victims in the proposition to make Laval a municipality allied against domestic violence.

A partisan pretext to reject a consensus amendment
During the last municipal council held last Tuesday on April 4th, Sandra Desmeules, municipal councilor for Concorde-Bois-de-Boulogne, tabled a proposal asking the city of Laval to proclaim itself an ally against domestic violence : an excellent idea according to Aglaia Revelakis and Jean-Claude Gobé. However, this proclamation was exclusive to only one type of domestic violence, where women are the victims.

In order to give the citizens of Laval an inclusive proclamation for which they will be proud,
Aglaia Revelakis proposed a simple but yet detailed amendment in order to include all victims, regardless of their race, color, gender, identity, sexual orientation or age.

Rather than including this non-partisan amendment, the mayor’s party rejected it as an amendment : meanwhile they were making changes to the equivalence of half a paragraph. “Propositions have already been amended in the past, and the justification from the President of the Council, Christiane Yoakim, was just a pretext, a poor political strategy worthy of the former administration, just to avoid the ugliness of a vote against an inclusive proclamation”, denounced Jean-Claude Gobé.

The need to fight domestic violence in all its forms
According to Chomedey’s municipal councilor, Aglaia Revelakis, it is domestic violence in all its forms that must be fought against. “I sincerely regret this blindness from Sandra Desmeules : as a woman and a resident of Laval, I reject all forms of domestic violence where women are the victims and in my amendment, I keep the totality of the original proposition”, she added, “however, as representatives of the residents of Laval, we have the right to be inclusive and support all of the victims”.

In addition to the statement of his councilor, Jean-Claude Gobé, who was a member of the National Assembly of Québec for close to 20 years, reminds us of the importance and the involvement that a proclamation can have: “A proclamation must be inclusive because it engages Ville de Laval in all future actions that it might take. According to the Charte québécoise des droits et libertés de la personne ; domestic violence is not only classified by gender, age, race or sexual orientation”, in addition, Jean-Claude Gobé explains that, “the original proclamation of Mrs. Desmeules is only good for one particular aspect of this scourge and will only limit us to one category of victims in domestic violence”.

More reflection needed for Marc Demers : No matter how you call it, it is still Violence, final!
Aglaia Revelakis is very disappointed in mayor of Laval’s lack of reflection, and reminds him that violence is not only based on gender : “I am very disappointed that he accuses me of diminishing and trivializing the violence against women”, she added, “we must be inclusive, continue and support the work to help women, and also to commit ourselves as a city to fight any violence in all of its forms”.

According to the leader of the official Opposition, Jean-Claude Gobé, he invites Marc Demers to further comprehend all aspects of the real issue, “Marc Demers, an ex-policeman himself, should know that violence in all of its forms is completely unacceptable and it is due to these misleading and fallacious reactions that men almost never report to the police. And if the mayor of Laval ignores a fifth of the victims, then how could police officers respond to all types of domestic violence?”.