Laval, October 16th, 2017 – Action Laval candidate in Sainte-Dorothée and Olympic athlete, Nicolas Macrozonaris, handed out nearly 4,000 flyers to the people of his district with the help of athletes and members of his athletics club.

Running for Laval and Sainte-Dorothée


“I ran to represent you in international competitions and two Olympic Games, of course, it was with pride and not just for me but for all Canadians”, said Nicolas Macrozonaris, “today I run for Laval and especially for the citizens of Sainte-Dorothée, It is a way of giving back to the community that gave me a lot”.

“It’s a great way to set an example. I have run all my life and this time I run for you, it’s a race of at least four years that I have before me, and with you!”, said Nicolas Macrozonaris,”I also intend to share my vision of an active city, our action will be towards this direction. It is the mandate I have been given by my leader, Jean-Claude Gobé.”.

For Jean-Claude Gobé, the presence of an Olympic athlete among his candidates is a honor and pride: “he has the experience, he understands the needs of our youth and our athletes, he knows how it works and he is already present on the ground”, he said, “I reiterate my commitment to make him the centerpiece of my sport and youth strategy for Laval”.