Laval, January 10th 2017 – The leader of Laval’s official Opposition, Jean-Claude Gobé, reacts to the most recent report on employment in some parts of Québec and denounces the fiasco from Demers administration : ” Laval lost 16 500 jobs in two years, and Marc Demers is not doing a thing about it, he is not interested in the economy nor the workers. The worst performance in Québec! “, he said.

16 500 jobs lost in Laval in two years : a real crisis
According to Jean-Claude Gobé, the loss of 16 500 jobs in two years in Laval to benefit other regions is a total disaster : ” We are the worst region in Québec in regards to employment, Laval is going backwards whereas other urban areas in Québec are moving forward “, he added, ” 16 500 jobs lost in two years, it is a real crisis for thousands of families in Laval ! “.

The consequence of bad economic decisions from Marc Demers
This loss of jobs, according to the leader of the official Opposition, is not something on which the provincial and federal governments are to blame, nor is the economic context, : ” It is the direct consequence of poorly made decisions by Demers’ administration and from his team’s amateurism, incapable of holding jobs in Laval and of attracting new employment “, said Jean-Claude Gobé. ” Laval is a region for future opportunities and its economic potential is huge, however in order to exploit it, one must have the talent as well. We must focus on SME and local industries, and avoid going down the road of the municipal administration’s bureaucracy and its expensive public relations and communications operations to say that they are doing something “.

In conclusion, Jean-Claude Gobé states that Laval is an economic region with greater young highly and specialized educated men and women, ” it is not normal that this potential is not being utilized and that these people are forced to find employment or even move outside of the city! We must have a vision and know how to create dynamics conducive to maximum development of all this potential! » ; « The loss of 16 500 jobs in Laval to benefit other regions is totally unacceptable ! “.