Laval, May 12th 2017 – The leader of the Official Opposition and of Action Laval, Jean-Claude Gobé, calls out Marc Demers’ lack of planning and organization despite warning among others from Hydro Québec concerning the management of the floodings.

Warnings from Hydro-Québec
“Marc Demers states that this situation could not have been foreseen: it is completely false!”, declared Jean-Claude Gobé. As a matter of fact, Laval was built on a drainage basin which entails an upstream overflow and therefore impact the downstream, in Laval. “See for yourself! Hydro-Québec sounded the alarm on April 30th on Twitter: Marc Demers did not pay attention, did not plan anything and most importantly did not do anything to prevent the worse from happening!”.

Some of the damage could have been prevented
According to Jean-Claude Gobé, if Marc Demers had paid attention to the numerous signs and warnings, some of the damage could have been prevented, hundreds of residents would not have been evacuated and the costs of emergency measures would not have been so high. “Ville de Laval had such little reserves of sand bags that the city workers had to immediately purchase crates of bags of soil retailed at $5 per bag!”, he said “These bags of soil are not nearly as efficient as sand bags, their density is too low, as a result, they float”.

Political touring
“Marc Demers and his team are using this political touring to win some votes”, declared Jean-Claude Gobé. “Him and his dignitaries each received $50 boots for them just so to put their feet in water in front of the cameras” he denounces. In fact, while the Laval residents suffered floodings, public works and public safety workers were running short of material, the mayor of Laval was busy promoting public relations with his delegation in the flooded streets: “We must use these funds to help the residents, not for picture opportunities! This political touring is totally unacceptable!”.

The file on flood-prone areas
In conclusion, Jean-Claude Gobé recalls Marc Demers’ struggle, candidate for mayor and newly elected mayor of Laval, against the new benchmark levels and ban on construction in the flood zones: “Marc Demers brags about knowing the file very well, however he is incapable of understanding that Laval sits on a drainage basin and that all the accumulated upstream water will inevitably flow back here. Mr. Demers, nothing was planned!”.