Laval, August 31st 2016 – The leader of the official Opposition, Jean-Claude Gobé, and the municipal councillor for Chomedey, Aglaia Revelakis, put forward a proposal to promote and implement community gardens.

Aglaia Revelakis tabled a proposal during the Municipal Council meeting on March 8th of this year to mandate the administration of Ville de Laval to review various regulations to promote and implement community gardens. The proposal from the official Opposition will be debated during the next Municipal Council meeting held next Tuesday September 6th.

According to the municipal councillor for Chomedey, this proposal emerges from recognition that Laval is falling behind: “If we compare Laval to other large cities and if we listen to citizens, we quickly realize that we have a large deficit of community gardens. There is a demand”, she replied. Strongly supported by the leader of the official Opposition in that process, Aglaia Revelakis also sees it as way to improve the approach of Laval’s Revitalisation Urbaine Intégrée (integrated urban revitalization), providing citizens, associations and organizations, parts of land and sustainable means for its development.

For Jean-Claude Gobé, it is imperative to “see further than just the garden” : “We must let ordinary people have the possibility to do some gardening with their fellow neighbors. It is nothing new and we, in Laval, are falling behind”, he said, “It is difficult for the organizations and practically impossible for citizens, this has to change!”.

Aglaia Revelakis added that numerous citizens of Laval are already using parts of land belonging to the city or under municipal right-of-way to set up small family and neighborhood gardens : “It is non-regulatory infringement in their backyards, on the edge of wooded areas and bicycle paths for example. I believe we must recognize and regulate them; this could be the beginning of beautiful neighborhood gardening projects!”.

In conclusion, Jean-Claude Gobé and Aglaia Revelakis ask the members of the municipal council to have an open-mind: this proposition does not entail immediate change but does call to consider an innovative and sustainable approach!