NICOLAS MACROZONARIS, ACTION LAVAL CANDIDATE, IS RUNNING FOR YOU IN SAINTE-DOROTHÉE Laval, October 16th, 2017 – Action Laval candidate in Sainte-Dorothée and Olympic athlete, Nicolas Macrozonaris, handed out nearly 4,000 f...

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LAVAL NEEDS A MAYOR JEAN-CLAUDE GOBÉ DOMINATES THE FIRST ELECTORAL DEBATE ORGANIZED BY THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Laval, October 16, 2017 – Action Laval candidates congratulate their leader and candidate for Mayor, Jean-Claude...

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JEAN-CLAUDE GOBÉ UNVEILS HIS PLAN TO REVITALIZE LAVAL’S BOULEVARDS Laval, October 12th, 2017 – Jean-Claude Gobé, mayoral candidate, announced his plan to revitalize the major boulevards in Laval: “implementing my p...

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Reduce taxes by 3.0%

In the past four years, taxes have increased by 6.5%. Citizens have been already been taxed too much. For these reasons, Action Laval leader Jean-Claude Gobé promises a 3.0% reduction in property taxes in the first budget of his term as mayor of Laval.

> Decrease taxes by 3.0% in our first mandate
> Review programs, manage expenses responsibly
> Freeze taxes for the remaining three years

Improving the quality of life in Laval

For Mr. Gobé, it is important not to leave behind our citizens in need. The best assurance for the citizens of Laval, to have an excellent quality of life.

> Revitalize the city's main arteries
> Improving public transit services
> Create a sports policy and program

Stimulating economic growth and creating jobs

For Jean-Claude Gobé, businesses in Laval are the back bone of our economy. For this reason, he is committed to support them effectively and actively. This strategy will attract capital and investments in Laval and create jobs at the local level.

> Putting economic development in the hands of business people
> Reducing administrative red tape
> Revitalize our major road arteries to stimulate our neighborhoods
> Stimulate private investment in sustainable development

Local services

Our neighborhoods are currently neglected. The current administration has eyes only for the downtown sector and the Place Bell. Jean-Claude Gobé is firmly committed to putting the districts back at the center of the concerns of the City of Laval. The inaction of the last few years is unacceptable and has a very detrimental effect on the state of our municipal infrastructures.

>Maintain or local infrastructures
> Improving the local services
> Support local businesses through new programs

Seeking our fair share of provincial, federal and CMM investments

Jean-Claude Gobé and his team are committed placing Laval back on the map, since several major projects will soon be launched, we must attract investment to our city. Jean-Claude Gobé is the only one who has the experience and the influence necessary to get the fair share of Laval.

> Position Laval as an important actor in the metropolitan area
> Receiving our fair share of investments for our city
> Placing our city in a strong position in regional negotiations

Improve municipal bylaws

Some municipal by-laws are abusive and too strict, Jean-Claude Gobé is aware of this and will be revising them to reflect the current reality of Laval.

> Immediate abolition of the animal bylaw of Marc Demers
> Review the bylaw on reserved bus lanes and carpooling lanes
> Put an end to by the book application of bylaws

A safe living environment

Jean-Claude Gobé is committed to improve the safety for all citizens of Laval. Our party Action Laval, strongly believe that we need to improve our ability to take action against crime on our streets.

> Increase the police force and shorten response times
> Review the City of Laval's emergency plan
> Ensure quality in snow removal operations and salt spreading
> Increase police department’s visibility