Laval, October 12th, 2017 – Jean-Claude Gobé, mayoral candidate, announced his plan to revitalize the major boulevards in Laval: “implementing my plan, will promote prosperity and improve the quality of life of all citizens, ” Gobé stated during his press conference.


Demers administration: no record to show on boulevards


At first, Jean-Claude Gobé started by assessing the actual situation: “For the past four years citizens complained about the endless work and unfulfilled commitments of Marc Demers and his predecessors. During the last four years, problems with traffic have not been addressed, although it is a nuisance to the quality of life of all Lavallers,” he added.

The candidate for Mayor reminds that Laval is a city that was basically built for cars and transit to neighboring cities. The quality of life of our citizens and their prosperity is closely linked to the quality of their day-to-day transit: ” that’s why, I have a plan! “.


The efficiency of transit, a must


For Jean-Claude Gobé, car congestion is an inescapable problem for everyday life: for example, several citizens with whom he has recently discussed have stated that a journey that usually took them 15 minutes, now takes them triple the time to reach their destination: “Spending 45 minutes on a large boulevard to get home after a day’s work is simply unacceptable, especially when the workplace is in Laval!”. It is impossible to commute smoothly on most of our boulevards during peak hours. That is not what Laval citizens want. I will change that. “.


The plan: review how our roads are shared between its various users and harmonize the road works so that they do not drag on.


I am going to put an end to Laval residents’ discontent with reserved lanes, which are still empty, by allowing carpooling and all-time passing for personal vehicle drivers. Then I will also implement measures that better harmonize the road constructions so that they are done quicker and more efficiently: taking into account that it greatly influences traffic. “, Mr. Gobé added.


Safer boulevards


To attract citizens and businesses to Laval, it is necessary to ensure their safety. Whether protecting people or their property, it is a necessary step that will improve the quality of life of Laval residents. Security is essential to the well-being of our community.


The plan: review the markings at strategic locations, light our boulevards and increase the police presence in necessary spots.


” Security is a very important issue for the development of our neighborhoods. We must begin by ensuring that our major roads are safe for our citizens to walk around and that our businesses thrive there. Markings and signs must be reviewed in many locations, lighting is missing or ineffective at some junctions. We must also increase the police presence to reduce crime and harm “.


Adding green spaces to our boulevards, a critical issue


Currently, heat islands are a problem that we must address in Laval. Obviously, adding green spaces to a boulevard makes it much more attractive for citizens and businesses that would like to come to Laval, it also encourages active transportation such as walking or cycling.

The plan: Use the best expertise in landscape architecture to further enrich our boulevards in a sustainable and inexpensive way. Encourage our residents towards greening their facades and adopt measures to reduce heat islands.

“When I ask citizens to describe their boulevards, they reply that they are gray, ugly and hot. They are right! That’s why I plan on greening in a sustainable way, through a competition. I also believe that it is necessary to accompany our citizens and merchants bordering our boulevards to reduce the heat islands “.


Living in an attractive city, and doing business in Laval


Through my action plan, the safety and greening of boulevards, an Action Laval administration will increase the attractiveness of Laval’s neighborhoods:


“Implementing this plan, will promote prosperity and improve our quality of life,” said Jean-Claude Gobé.


Indeed, the attractiveness of boulevards will be restored, the development of local businesses abandoned for several years will resume on its course: “a boulevard like Des Laurentides will come back to life, and give a new breath of prosperity to the neighborhoods that border it, which is currently among the most disadvantaged of Laval. It is not only a request from the citizens but also from the business people I met, ” says the leader of Action Laval.


Laval needs a mayor


In conclusion, it should be noted that Action Laval – Équipe Jean-Claude Gobé is the only credible party to replace the transitional administration of Marc Demers. “My main commitment is to be close to Laval residents and their needs, starting with a 3.0% tax cut and quality proximity services. I will be the mayor who will revitalize their neighborhoods and give the citizens pride to live there! “.