Laval, September 28th, 2017 – On the eve of Journées de la Culture, Jean-Claude Gobé, candidate for Mayor and leader of Action Laval, announces, through the program review, an initiative to define the cultural personality of the city of Laval.

“Laval is part of a metropolitan ensemble, it must have its own cultural identity and stop wasting resources to pose as a competitor of the city of Montreal,” said Jean-Claude Gobé, “we do not want to be the frog that wants to become bigger than the ox and we leave to others the prestige projects”.

For the mayoral candidate, it is a matter of identifying the most promising niches and concentrating the efforts to put an end to the dispersion of resources, while constantly promoting the access of the citizens to the activities of leisure throughout the whole territory of Laval. “We want to develop a local cultural offer, consider the citizens’ ability to access it easily. To this end, we are proposing multifunctional centers for Laval’s population, which will have an important cultural component and will bring together several attractive cultural activities. We do not lose sight of the fact that there are numerous cultural organizations in Laval, “explains Jean-Claude Gobé, “I consider this a major asset. We also want to ensure a close connection between extracurricular activities and cultural leisure activities aimed at our youth”.

Laval still waiting for its fair share in cultural funding

According to the latest figures available for the City, Laval is the municipality that gets the least amount of money from the provincial for its cultural initiatives. This is another obvious demonstration of the negligence of the past and Marc Demers’ passivity during the last four years. “Marc Demers’ inaction forces us to come to the obvious once again: he does not know how to negotiate with other levels of government, and people have the impression that he does not know enough about the different jurisdictions and programs to offer a benefit to Laval citizens. My team and I often refer to Demers’ administration as a transition administration. It is time to put Laval back on the map, and I promise to do so as soon as I become mayor. I’m going to do a lot more than just put a letter in the mail like Marc Demers does, and wait passively for an answer. I’ll fight to get what we deserve! “.

Many writings, few actions

“We read the city’s brief and the advocacy for improving the cultural offer in Laval, which is much more like a manifesto than an action plan. Very good ideas have emerged, but we are still waiting for actions from the office of Marc Demers. At 38 days from November 5th’s ballot, it’s too late. “I pledge to start following them in the first 100 days of my election”, said Jean-Claude Gobé, “I will do what others have promised and will never do. After all, it is not just a matter of building the Place Bell from Vaillancourt’s era and ending the Mondial de Chorale, as Marc Demers did. “