Inability of Marc Demers to negotiate with his employees


– Aglaia Revelakis, Municipal Councilor of Chomedey

Laval, October 3rd, 2017 – Jean-Claude Gobé, the leader of Action Laval and mayoral candidate, strongly denounces Marc Demers’ decision to cancel the last municipal council before the election because of “noise” caused by the demonstration of blue-collar workers in front of City Hall: “Marc Demers ends his term as he began, in incoherence and uncertainty. He is unable to negotiate with his employees “.

It was the last City Council meeting before elections that the blue-collar employees of the City of Laval demonstrated to claim their rights in the process of negotiating their working conditions. More than 600 employees attended the event. Marc Demers called for the adjournment of the meeting, Aglaia Revelakis, member of the council for Chomedey, called for a vote, which was refused by the Mayor, the Chair and the city’s Director-General. The Council meeting was adjourned, without a vote.

Jean-Claude Gobé, candidate for Mayor

“Marc Demers used the pretext of noise. This is undemocratic!” said Jean-Claude Gobé, “this postponement of the council to the next day will prevent many citizens from asking questions and muzzling disgruntled employees! “.

Regarding the ongoing negotiations, Jean-Claude Gobé denounces the weak and passive attitude of Marc Demers: “He promised things to the blue collar before the elections, and once back at the negotiating table, he returned on his word. Today, employees are right to demonstrate “.

“He has not managed to negotiate and settle this with them in four years, will he do it on the eve of the elections? Laval needs a mayor, I am ready to be that mayor, ” he concluded.

Aglaia Revelakis: First to stand up for the citizens at the Council

As for councilor Aglaia Revelakis, she rose first to claim the rights of the citizens present in the room: “Madam Chair, we cannot cancel, citizens have moved here for us “. This call was ignored. In the cacophony of the city hall, Marc Demers, supported by the city’s head bureaucrat, demanded the end of the Council, exacerbating even more the workers who demonstrated outside: “Tonight the bureaucracy has won against democracy,” she said, “In all this disorder where the mayor is unable to negotiate, Laval needs a mayor and this mayor will be Jean-Claude Gobé on November 5th “.