Laval, October 26, 2017 – At a press conference, Jean-Claude Gobé presented several of his commitments for seniors in Laval. “Seniors are the most vulnerable people in Laval, so we will support them in their daily lives and allow them better integration and greater autonomy in our city”, he said.

Increase home support subsidy (water tax rebate)

We know that seniors’ incomes have not kept pace with inflation for many years. For this reason, and because they are experiencing progressive impoverishment, we need to support them and secure their financial situation. We will increase this subsidy immediately, not just in 2019 as one of our opponents promises.

Action Laval is committed to increasing the grant of $ 50 (from $ 100 to $ 150) for all seniors in Laval and $ 100 (from $ 200 to $ 300) for those receiving the guaranteed income supplement.

Increase travel security in winter

Snow loadings are becoming less frequent, salt spreading also, and snow removal is becoming more and more deficient in Laval, it is necessary to take things in hand. “My administration will end the snow removal fiasco, it’s time to take the safety of our citizens seriously. A fall for an older person can have dire consequences”, he said, “I will make snow removal and salt spreading more effective “.

Keep free transportation for people of 65 and over

For Jean-Claude Gobé, it is important to keep this service free for our seniors, but above all to ensure that the STL’s service offer is sufficient so that they do not have to wait in freezing weather on a bench or in snow for half an hour before seeing a bus; “We will build adapted bus shelters and install stops near their homes”.

Increase the safety of our streets

The streets of Laval have become race tracks over time, especially since Marc Demers painted blue and white lines on the sidewalks. We must fix it immediately: “At intersections where the elderly cross, I will give them more time”, adds the mayoral candidate. “I will also increase the number of police officers in Laval territory, it is necessary that the police presence is felt in our neighborhoods”, added Jean-Claude Gobé.

In conclusion, Jean-Claude Gobé reiterated the importance of breaking the solitude of seniors: “In the city, we are responsible for services and amenities that directly affect them and that can affect their quality of life. They who gave us everything, we will support them! “