Laval, April 21st 2017 – The leader of the official Opposition at Ville de Laval and leader of Action Laval, Jean-Claude Gobé, supports the Laval farmers whose revenues are closely tied to Canadian policy on supply management.

This week, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, strongly criticized the Canadian supply-managed dairy products; stating among other matters, that he was going to address it during the renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Exchange (NAFTA).

June 2015: the last dairy farmer of Laval expressed his concerns
Towards the end of June of 2015, Louis Forget, the last dairy farmer of Laval and current board member of the next generation of the UPA-Laval, expressed his fears: the federal government at the time, was thinking about reviewing the supply management. “Thankfully for Mr. Forget and his family, the Harper government did not heavily amend the supply management production and was able to produce his milk in Laval”, said Jean-Claude Gobé.

April 2017: It is imperative to preserve the agricultural nature of Laval
According to Jean-Claude Gobé, it is absolutely imperative to preserve the agricultural nature of Laval: “I have often spoken up against speculation, the consolidation of land and pushed forward the next generation, which is essential in Laval”, adding, “but I also think that agriculture is an important economic activity for our city, which allows for job creation ensuring food safety for all Laval residents”.

A message for Justin Trudeau: “Don’t give up on our farmers!”
“I only have one message for Justin Trudeau: do not give in to pressure from President Trump. Do not give up on our farmers, who not only make a living for their families but also create local jobs and produce high-quality foods”, insisted Jean-Claude Gobé.