Laval, October 16, 2017 – Action Laval candidates congratulate their leader and candidate for Mayor, Jean-Claude Gobé, for his exceptional performance in the first electoral debate organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Laval.


Jean-Claude Gobé is the candidate of economy and prosperity


For Chomedey’s councilor and candidate for her re-election, Aglaia Revelakis, “My leader, Jean-Claude Gobé, is the candidate of economy and prosperity in Laval”, she said, “the only one proposing a true economic plan “.


This economic plan is complete and proposes among others :


– To abolish Laval Economic to put business people at the center of economic development, City of Laval will be present to support them in this new body.

– Reducing red tape: it has become difficult to do business in Laval, we will review all the administrative procedures for obtaining permits, zoning changes, obtaining subsidies, etc. It will be easier and more efficient.

– To revitalize our major arteries to revitalize our neighborhoods and their local economy, and make travel more efficient in Laval.

– To encourage private investment in sustainable development, to create neighborhood ecocentres and to encourage companies to make investments in green economy.

– Ending corporate exodus to the North Crown.


The winner: Jean-Claude Gobé


For the rest of the audience, Jean-Claude Gobé, the winner of this debate, is also acclaimed for his positions, demonstrating his deep understanding of economic issues and the challenges faced by Laval business people.

Many of the candidates of Action Laval – Équipe Jean-Claude Gobé are active entrepreneurs in their community, some are also experts in business development and business administration.


Quotes from journalists who covered the debate


«M. Gobé, le plus pugnace des candidats, a littéralement torpillé le bilan des quatre dernières années de l’administration Demers.»

-Stéphane Saint-Amour, Courrier Laval


«Gobé hit hard at Demers, faulting the current administration for failing on the economy.»

-Joel Ceausu, The Suburban


«Les attaques les plus virulentes sont provenues de Jean-Claude Gobé, chef d’Action Laval et aussi chef sortant de l’opposition à l’hôtel de ville.»

-Francis Labbé, Radio-Canada